Golden Hands Construction Company
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The Team


Our core employees are:

Ben Sturbaum
   Brother of Chris.  He predates all current crew members by quite a few years.  He lives in the Ginger Bread House in downtown Owensburg, the home of his impressive wood shop.  

Tom 'Doc' Weddle
   The second of the current crew members to get hired by Chris.  He is an avid outdoorsman and he specializes in turkey hunting.

Eric Petry
   An independent remodeler with years of experience on his own who prefers working with a team to going solo.

Sam Sturbaum
   Nephew of Chris and Ben.  Sam already has years of experience as a carpenter for Golden Hands Construction.  

Andrew Benson
   Brought years of building experience to the crew and is now a veteran at Golden Hands Construction.

Paul Sturbaum
   Son of Chris.  Started out going to jobs with dad at a very young age, he has recently rejoined the crew and also takes care of Golden Hands IT needs.

Not to mention our extended network of subcontactors.
Here is a link to the blog "
Chop Wood, Carry Water" in which one of our clients interviewed Chris, Doc, Eric and some of our regular subcontractors.


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