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An overview of some of our recent projects.  You can see pictures of these jobs in our image gallery!

*(Glassie) Mid Century Modern addition on East 1st: Following the owners design, we blended a huge rear addition with a master suite and studio space to a classic locally designed house built in the early 70’s. Using open cell spray foam, we insulated the cathedral ceiling to nearly R-40 which was impossible only a few years ago. We insulated and sealed the crawl space as well so while nearly doubling the houses size, it is tighter and better insulated than before we started.

*(Lake Monroe Cabin) We rebuilt a sagging roof and added a front porch and limestone patios to this cabin home. We are adding a screen porch, outdoor grill and pergola.

* (Lund ) This 1900 vintage Westside home on 6th Street needed a larger kitchen and a guest room upstairs. The two story addition also integrated the old carriage house to become a heated pantry off the new laundry room. The old kitchen became a wonderful and handicap accessible bath with a large walk in shower.

*( Hansen ) This historic Propect Hill home on Rogers Street needed a master suite so the owners could live on one level primarily. The design by Marc Cornett tied the garage and the old house to make a courtyard out of the back yard. This has been gardened and is the focal point of the house and a wonderful private garden designed by Anita Bracalente of 4th Street Gardeners.

*( Schroeder) This Prospect Hill cottage needed a master bath and a future upstairs bedroom for a growing family. Uncovering the old wood siding revealed surprising Victorian carpentry details. The large addition is blended in the rear of the house. We also replaced badly fitting windows and installed cement siding to blend the old and new structures. Insulation was added and old leaks sealed. A slate finished master bath is the house’s centerpiece.

* (Gulyas) Building a futuristic LEED Platinum project was really a fun challenge.
The homeowner had an amazing vision and had consulted with a top energy designer from Chicago. Inspired by the Passive Haus designs popular in Europe, this house attempted to be (and was declared by the LEED Rater) to be the tightest house he had tested. It is an incredible energy saving machine with no moving parts (passive)

 * (Solomon-Schwartz) We worked with kitchen designer, NR Hiller
and created a period kitchen. The invisible work we did was the spray foam insulation we added to the crawl space, the attic and the walls. The old leaky kitchen was transformed into a modern, energy saving kitchen that now fits their Victorian era house. Sue Schwartz interviewed most of the crew and posted it on her blog, "
Chop Wood Carry Water".

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